How to maintain your sex doll ?

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gs, Instructions and Maintenance

Guidelines, Instructions and Maintenance of Jarliet Sex Doll

Guidelines, Instructions and Maintenance

· The product is made of high standard elastic  TPE outer material (thermoplastic elastomer)  and inner finely crafted metal skeleton. The product has undergone rigorous testing and temperature treatment and is safe for body contact.All material complied with national health and safety standard which is harmless to human and  environmentally friendly.

General Notes

· Avoid scratching any part of the product. Avoid sharp objects or kneading with excessive strength.

· Product can withstand up to 330lbs or 150kg of weight pressure.

· Keep in dry, cool environment. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity for extended periods of time.

· Avoid leaving colored garments on the product for extended periods of time. Strongly advise to test color fading prior wearing on product.  Please do not wear color fading dress on product as stain could hardly be removed. We shall not be responsible for its consequences. 

· Product is designed according to human anatomy. Bend, move, and positions gently.

· The skeleton and joints allow the model to pose in many positions and styles. With a little imagination, she can be very human. For durability, do not pose at highly stretched positions over a long period of time. Although the elasticity of TPE material is marvelous, excessive stretching for long periods of time might result in deformation. Please  store  the model in its original position, with hands rested downward.

· TPE material is soft and flexible so the product’s shape may change during packing and transportation. In such a case, apply a warm towel or use soft setting on the air dryer while waving the dryer. The shape will recover very shortly.

· Should creasing or pressure mark occurs, may apply warm towel to creased area.

· In case of allergies to any rubber products, please wear protection prior to use.

· It is a standard procedure during manufacturing to mount and position its skeleton at precise points. Various support was attached during the injection process, thus there will be some small fillings to these holes which is not classified as manufacturing defects.


· Inspect and clean the product thoroughly once a week for best maintenance. Then  apply with baby powder.

· Use warm or cold water washing. Do not use hot water.

· Use normal washing detergent, soap suds or diluted soap water for cleaning. Do not use alcohol, and acid cleaners. Clean gently with palm and be ware of fingernails and coarse material which might affect or scratch its surface.


· In case of cuts,scratch or poke, clean the cut first and dry it. Then apply TPE glue as needed.Make sure defected surface is not in tension when applying TPE glue.

· Serious cuts need professional  ironing tools.

After-sale Service

· Should you have any doubts in technical aspects or maintaining, please do not hesitate to contact vendor for further assistance.

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