Originally designed and sculptured dolls only.
Copy is a shame.
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Jarliet Brand Dolls

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    Jarliet Quality
    Jarliet Co., Limited specializes in the production of physical dolls, from design to research and development, using medical grade environmentally friendly TPE materials, lined with metal skeleton, Certified by CE, RoHS and MSDS
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    Jarliet Product
    Most of our customers choose to work with us because we have excellent engineers to ensure product functionality, and experienced designers can provide attractive faces, soft skin, flexible limbs and elegant scent in a short time.
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    Jarliet Service
    A .We can accept returning or replacing goods for quality problem or damage caused by seller.
    B. We can be assist of solving any quality problem or damage not caused by seller.
    C .We can guide buyers to repair damage to save cost for our buyers.
The products and principles of Jarliet dolls are designed to help people feel happy and not lonely. They truly put people first, where individuals can shape their own dream and joy. I believe the sexbot research is essential to next generation market and collective future. 

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